All of the presentations and performances at the Singing Storytellers Symposium (October 2014) were recorded so that we could share them here with you. Some were video-recorded, most were audio-recorded. You can find these podcasts below!

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Singing Stoytellers – Concerts

Singing Stoytellers – Paper Presentations

Singing Stoytellers – Performance Presentations


Singing Storytellers Symposium Paper Presentations Audio Recordings – MP3s

October 9th, 2014 Presentations

1. Every force evolves a form – the mediatization of Scotlands bardic tradition with reference to Sorley MacLean and Hamish Henderson (paper film screening workshop) Kathryn A. Burnett University of the West of Scotland

2. Digital Technology and a Changing Folk Music Mediascape (paper-performance), Wayne Hansen, University of New Brunswick, Saint John

3. Sing as if narrating, narrate as if singing- A Literary Duet, Gary Geddes and Ann Eriksson

4. Performing Folk Tales in the Sung Sufi poetry of Pakistan- A Lecture-Demonstration, Shumaila Hemani, University of Alberta

5. “’I Wish I Was With Them Again’- Diasporic Longing in Contemporary Cape Breton Song.” Amanda Daly Berman, Boston University

October 10 2014 Presentations

1. The Gathering Song, Stephen J. Augustine, Dean of Unama’ki College, Cape Breton University

Keynote Addresses

1. Cabaret Stories- Intimate Stories of Jewish Modernity, Philip V. Bohlman, University of Chicago

2. Lost in improvisation- The vocal arts of Mande Jelis, Lucy Duran, The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Epics of the East

1. The Performative Aspect of Karakalpak- Epic Poems from Central Asia, Frederic Leotar, Universite de Montreal

2. Singers-Storytellers of a Sufi Ritual- Faqirs, the Mystical Bards Singing the Shah-jo-Raag in Sind, Pakistan, Shumaila Hemani, University of Alberta