Explore the updated Songs of Truth web pages!

Over the last two weeks, we have made a number of changes to the Songs of Truth website: you can now visit the ‘Songs’ pages to read Julian Kytasty’s lively program notes for the Songs of Truth CD, read up on the history of the bandura and the kobzar tradition under ‘The Bandura’, meet our project contributors under ‘About’, and learn more about Julian’s many musical and theatrical projects and collaborations under ‘Julian Kytasty’. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, look up the instructional materials under ‘Resources’ and learn to play the bandura yourself! Read More

Julian Kytasty & Scott Sharplin ~ Performance Video

Julian Kytasty Scott Sharplin Performance Video

Julian Kytasty and Scott Sharplin’s collaboration is a mixture of theatre arts and musical virtuosity. Kytasty’s ability to mix storytelling, masterful bandura instrumentals and Sharplin’s clever spoken word are featured in this performance from Griots and Kobzars at the Boardmore Playhouse. Read More

Ukrainian Song Lyrics and Translations Now Available, More to Come!

Take a look at our new Songs pages! We’ve added transcriptions of the lyrics – in Ukrainian – with poetic translations created by Julian Kytasty. We’ll continue adding more content to the website in the coming weeks and months, including detailed notes about the histories and significances of each song, as well as the bandura and kobzar traditions and practices. Stay tuned!