Dr. Jessica Whitehead, Media Lab Director


Dr. Jessica Leonora Whitehead is the Media Lab Director at The Centre for Sound Communities and brings a blend of scholarship and practical experience in film and media studies to the role.

She holds a position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Languages at Cape Breton University, specializing in media and screen cultures. Her scholarly publications range from studies of Canadian urban and small-town exhibition practices to the history of Hollywood productions in Canada and the impact of diasporic cinema on the Canadian film industry. Her research has been featured in publications ranging from the Canadian Journal of Film Studies to The Globe and Mail. Her most recent project is CHiMERA, an initiative digitizing Canadian film and media periodicals to create an online archive dedicated to the exhibition and business history of cinema in Canada.

Dr. Whitehead describes herself as a digital pedagogue. The University of Toronto recognized her work in online learning with the Superior Teaching and Excellence Through Innovation awards. At CBU, she has been appointed a Teaching Chair in Flexible Digital Delivery, and her research focuses on how to support digital teaching and learning.

She is excited to bring her digital curation and community-building expertise to the Centre for Sound Communities. Dr. Whitehead contributes to various projects, including supporting event planning, grant projects, and media training and production.