Songs of Truth

Songs of Truth is a collaborative production of world-renowned bandurist Julian Kytasty and Canada Research Chair in Communities and Cultures, Marcia Ostashewski.

Songs and Stories of Immigration and Encounter

More Updates Coming Soon Project Information Songwriting Workshops: For Youth ages 12 to 18, there are three in-community workshops where youth will be working with singers and artist facilitators to co-create a music piece about immigration and encoun…

Singing Storytellers

Singing Storytellers is a multi-faceted public outreach program, involving a symposium in conjunction with Celtic Colours International Festival 2014 – with community events, learning opportunities, workshops, film screenings, exhibitions,and more.

iCreate Cape Breton

iCreate Cape Breton is a pilot project—focused on the theme of slow violence—establishing a collaborative, community engaged research practice that fosters youth resilience. The project involves local youth as co-researchers who draw upon a network of other youth, community elders, and scholars, to communicate their knowledge and perspectives on challenges in their lives.

Global Musics, Local Connections

Global Musics – Local Connections involves two knowledge-exchange events in Canada: in Sydney, Nova Scotia and Edmonton, Alberta. The first, in Sydney, will be held in conjunction with Celtic Colours International Festival 2016 – with community events, learning opportunities, workshops, film screenings, exhibitions, the creation of new performance works, and scholarly presentations – and will involve the creation of digital media for educational and research purposes, and publications. The second, in Edmonton will explore Music for Human Global Development and will include distinguished speakers, artists, students, faculty and community members.

Exhibiting Sound

Exhibiting Sound is a multifaceted public outreach program hosted by the University of Alberta (UA) in conjunction with Cape Breton University (CBU), with arts, heritage and cultural institutions. is an interactive, and growing, multimedia resource. It houses and presents research about the contributions of diverse groups to the social and cultural landscape of Cape Breton Island.