Global Musics, Local Connections

Global Musics – Local Connections involves two knowledge-exchange events in Canada: in Sydney, Nova Scotia and Edmonton, Alberta. The first, in Sydney, will be held in conjunction with Celtic Colours International Festival 2016 – with community events, learning opportunities, workshops, film screenings, exhibitions, the creation of new performance works, and scholarly presentations – and will involve the creation of digital media for educational and research purposes, and publications.  The second, in Edmonton will explore Music for Human Global Development and will include distinguished speakers, artists, students, faculty and community members.

As part of this project, an international interdisciplinary symposium will be held in Sydney Nova Scotia, Canada from October 6-9th 2016, hosted by CBU. This conference is the 5th International Symposium of the International Council of Traditional Music (ICTM) Study Group on Applied Ethnomusicology and will welcome scholars and music makers from around the world. Global Musics – Local Connections is grateful for the partnership of the ICTM’s Study Group on Applied Ethnomusicology and the opportunity to welcome these delegates to Sydney!

For more information on the Global Musics – Local Connections multifaceted project, you are welcome to review the “Knowledge Mobilization Plan (KMP)”. This KMP was submitted as part of an application to Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council for support through their Connections Program.