‘Digital Cinema Production’: REGISTER NOW!

Summer Institute sessions have been rescheduled to August, now that recent COVID-19 lockdown restrictions have been lifted in Alberta, Canada (where the CineWorlding Film Workshops are being filmed). More updates to come via email and FaceBook page. In the meantime, REGISTRATION AVAILABLE NOW for individual dates:  please click HERE to sign up!


CineWorlding:  a Cine-ethnomusicology Workshop

In recent years, cine-ethnomusicologists have begun to explore new ways of doing digital cinema research. What does it mean to do cine-ethnomusicology? These workshops will introduce ‘digital cinema thinking’, the process of thinking through, and along with, the digital cinema production method.

In three 3-hour workshops, participants will be introduced to digital camera operation, lighting, audio recording, editing, and post-production. Exercises will be suggested so that learners can use whatever camera they have to make a short film over the course of two weeks and in a style of their choice. The fourth workshop will be a Masterclass where participants will share their developing films with each other and receive supportive feedback and suggestions. The final workshop will be the CineWorlding Film Festival where participants will have their films screened online for participants and guests.

All workshops will be streamed and then made freely available for future educational use by educators, students, and the general community.


Workshop 1 – Production

There is no expectation that participants will have a background in digital cinema production so the workshop will begin with the basics and progress through a variety of camera options (including your mobile digital device), lens choices, lighting tips and techniques, microphone choices, and audio recording methods. Instead of a lecture-style approach, the workshop will progress through situations that will provide real-world problem-solving in a variety of filming situations for a variety of cinematic styles currently used by cine-ethnomusicologists (non-fiction, fiction, experimental).

The workshops will be streamed so participants will be able to return to the workshop as often as they like, eliminating the worry about keeping track of technical details as the workshop progresses.

Workshop 2 – Postproduction 01 (Editing)

One of the most important, yet under-theorized, aspects of cinema-thinking is the editing process. This workshop will introduce DaVinci Resolve (a free download link will be supplied) and will provide an introduction to the techniques of editing grounded in the double outcomes unique to cine-ethnomusicologists:  a) How do editing techniques communicate research outcomes to an audience? and b) How can the cine-ethnomusicology filmmaking process be reported on in written publications?

Workshop 3 – Postproduction 02 (Mastering, colouring, exporting)

Once the film is edited, there is one more step before the film is delivered to the world. The second post-production workshop will focus on mastering both the audio and visual content, introducing participants to the basics of colour grading, audio mixing, and exporting. Like the workshop before it, this session will seek to expand ‘cinematic thinking’ into audiovision, paying attention to the ways that the audiovisual percept stimulates the affect of the first audience — you. Techniques for documenting methods will be considered. The workshop will conclude with instructions on where and how to upload your finished film to the CineWorlding Vimeo account.

Workshop 4 – MasterClass

The MasterClass is an opportunity to get a response to your film. An important aspect of shared ethnomusicology, the MasterClass will consider the ways that this kind of sharing helps to produce a feedback loop into your editing and mastering workflow. In professional work of cine-ethnomusicology, this process can take weeks or even months, generating important observations for both the cine-ethnomusicologist and the community you are working with. Once this process is complete you are ready to share your film with the world.

Workshop 5 – CineWorlding Film Festival

Communities and funders are increasingly interested in knowledge mobilization strategies that are more inclusive than professional publications, and the world of film festivals is one possibility. To simulate this experience, we will host the CineWorlding Film Festival, a virtual festival that will allow those interested to screen their short work to an international audience.