The First 5 Years

2021 marked the 5th anniversary of The Centre for Sound Communities and we couldn’t be more grateful to our many funders and supporters.

For a look at our activities and achievements over the five years since our establishment, please see this overview:  CSC 40-pageBklet-FINAL-post

We acknowledge, with sincere appreciation, the contributions of a growing number of collaborators, funders and community partners. Their encouragement and support — whether moral, intellectual or financial — have added immeasurably to our reputation as a respected arts-led social innovation lab where dedicated community-engaged research creation is expanding knowledge while serving the needs of under-represented and under-resourced populations, committed to building a culture of appreciation and trust.

While we are proud of the work we’ve accomplished with our colleagues and collaborative partners — both local and international — we maintain a focus on the future, motivated to continue our pursuit of knowledge through thoughtful research directed toward meaningful results.

Our thanks to countless individuals who have collaborated with us and lent their support, as well as these organizations and institutions: