Boardroom and Dance Studio Calendar


Please see information below on new procedures for booking the CSC studio, the upcoming schedule, and a work-study position related to dance.

Please submit your requests for next week by noon every Friday. Late requests are permitted but will get second priority in scheduling.


Student Booking Procedures


Given that the studio space is in high demand, we have established the following procedures for students:

  1. Only students who have met with a representative of the CSC may book the studio.
  2. Booking requests must be made the previous Friday by noon (prior to the week in which you wish to book). Please send requests to
  3. When booking, indicate your first choice for a time slot (ideally a morning, afternoon, or evening time slot). Our goal is to make sure everyone has a chance to book the studio when it is available, so we do not generally allow bookings for the whole day or for several days throughout the week. We will do our best to give you your first choice.
  4. Indicate other times that you would like to book if the space is available. These will allow us to give you an alternate time if your first choice is taken. As well, on Friday afternoon, requests for extra time will be booked if the space is available.

Remember that if you are using the studio, you are responsible for its security. Never prop open doors or leave windows open. Students who compromise the security of the space will not be allowed to book in the future.


Patrons can access the Board Room to use the Ostashewski Collection library of books (which must be used in the facility).

Access Policy for the Centre for Sound Communities

Centre for Sound Communities Priorities of Use

The Centre for Sound Communities is located on the Cape Breton University campus on Grand Lake Road, Sydney, Nova Scotia. The facility can be accessed through either of its two doors between the Sullivan Field House (#12) and the Canada Games Complex (#13), Room number AC223.