THEATRE WORKSHOP: Collecting, Creating and Transporting

Collecting, Creating, and Transporting

This workshop will take place on Saturday October 11th, 2014 at 5:00pm to 6:00pm. The Yara Arts Group under the direction of Virlana Tkacz will lead the CBU Theatre through a workshop that focuses on the development of original material that is indigenous to Cape Breton. Questions like, “ Where do we look for the stories?”, “ How do we collect those stories?”, “How do we use theatre and technology to tell those stories”? The workshop will also look at the practical considerations for moving a play from place to place without jeopardizing the integrity of the production values.

The value for the CBU Theatre to participate in such a workshop is in the development of CBU Boardmore Theatre’s Educational Touring Company. It is the goal of CBU Boardmore Theatre to collaborate with local school boards and community groups to bring local history, environmental issues, social issues, and popular culture to classrooms through the use of live theatre and other art forms. CBU Boardmore Theatre has a long history with producing main stage productions in its 337 seat playhouse, but creating a show for touring purposes is something new for the Boardmore. The Yara Arts group’s focus on “reaching deep into history and re-envisioning our perception of the past, creating a new vision of ourselves in the present”, fits with Cape Breton’s transition from an industrial economy to an information and creative economy. The Yara Arts Group will be able to guide us through the process of identification, collection and creation of original material that we can use to inspire our communities.

Please let us know if you are interested in coming: